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Recovery from hemilaminectomy surgery - 2 surveys - can you help?

Olivia Ambrose is a final year student at Harper Adams University studying BSc Veterinary Nursing. She is carrying out research as part of her Honours Research Project to investigate Veterinary Professional and Owner perspectives on support services offered to owners with dogs recovering from hemilaminectomies and how this may have an effect on owner compliance.

She has designed 2 surveys; one for veterinary professionsals and one for dog owners.

If you are an owner over the age of 18 living within the UK with a dog that has been completely discharged from Veterinary Practice following a thoracolumbar hemilaminectomy (decompressive back surgery to treat conditions such as Intervertebral Disc Disease) within the last 4 years following a diagnosis of intervertebral disc disease, please complete this questionnaire. If you have multiple dogs that fulfil this criteria, please feel open to complete this questionnaire once for one dog or multiple times for each individual dog. It should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

If you are a veterinary professional within the UK which falls under the category of Veterinary Surgeon, Registered Veterinary Nurse, Veterinary Physiotherapist or Registered Veterinary Nurse with Physiotherapy qualification who actively works alongside, or who has worked alongside recovering hemilaminectomy patients within the last 4 years, please complete this questionnaire. It should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Participation is voluntary, however, you can withdraw at any time until you have submitted your responses. There are no risks to taking part within this study which has undergone full ethical approval by HAU Ethics Committee.

The information provided will remain anonymous and no confidential information will be asked for. Data obtained will be stored within a password protected file on a password protected computer which can only be accessed by the student researcher (Olivia Ambrose) and the research project supervisor (Sara Froydenlund). The data analysis and conclusions found within this research may be published within the future. Data will kept for one year post- submission to allow for potential submission within the future. By clicking next, you are providing informed consent to participating within this research and for your data to be used described above. Following the submission of your responses, it will not be possible to withdraw as a result of questionnaire anonymity.

Your participation is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Olivia:


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