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Breed Council Health Sub-committee

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Roger Sainsbury


Chairman & Trustee of Dachshund Health UK

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Ian Seath


Breed Council Chairman & Trustee of Dachshund Health UK

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Helen Kerfoot


Genetics advisor & member of IVDD Sub-committee

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Dawn Norton

IVDD & Eye disease Sub-committee member

Judy 2.jpg

Judy Squires

Eye disease Sub-committee member & liaison with AHT

Bryony 2.jpg

Bryony Fossett

Veterinary student

Charlotte Baldwin 2.JPG

Charlotte Baldwin

Pet Advisor & Dedicated To Dachshunds with IVDD Charity


Aimée Thomas

Pet Advisor


Gill Key

Pet Advisor, Lafora Sub-committee & Trustee of Dachshund Health UK

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