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DachsLife 2021

Our 2021 Health Survey was open to all UK and non-UK Dachshunds.

The results of the Dachslife 2018 survey showed that skin allergies were the second most prevalent condition that affected Dachshunds. Therefore this survey was developed by the Dachshund Breed Council and The Kennel Club to gain a better understanding of different skin and coat conditions that affect the breed. We asked people to complete this survey even if their dog has never been affected by a skin condition as it’s important to understand the prevalence within the breed. 

The results gained from this survey will direct new research to specific areas of the breed's health that requires further attention for the future health and well-being of the Dachshund. 

Questions covered in this survey: Details of each Dachshund and any history or treatment for a skin condition – including questions on dietary and environmental factors. This survey also contained a question on back disease as this is of such significance to the breed.

Download the full report (PDF) and view the summary slides, below.

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