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Please tell us about any illnesses your Dachshund may have or a cause of death

Submit a report

We need to gather data on illnesses and causes of death so we can prioritise our Health Plans, research and education activities. Please submit a report using one of the links below. All data is treated as confidential and no dogs' names will be published in our analysis of these reports.

Report a health condition

If your Dachshund has been ill and required veterinary treatment, please submit a report. You can report on more than one condition, if necessary.

Doctor Using Digital Tablet
Medical form with stethoscope

Cause of death

If your Dachshund has died, please submit a Cause of Death report. We realise this will be a sad loss for you and appreciate you taking the time to provide this important information.

Epilepsy reporting

We are particularly interested in collecting data on dogs diagnosed with Epilepsy. This does not include Lafora's Disease which should be reported using the Illness Report (above).

Brain Sketch

Thank you for supporting our continuing research into the health of Dachshunds.

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