Eye Disease

For a quick guide to eye disease in dogs for breeders and buyers, read our blog post.

The Breed Council recommends breeders should carry out clinical eye testing (KC/BVA/ISDS) to check for conditions in addition to PRA. Read more here about why this is important.

In December 2019, the KC made a policy change for clinical eye screening (that applies to all breeds). Please read this blog post.

Download our information leaflet on cord1 PRA which affects all three varieties of Miniature Dachshund. All breeding stock should be tested prior to mating using the DNA test available from labs such as AHTLaboklinAnimalDNA Diagnostics.  

Read our Eye Disease Fact Sheets:





Lists of Hereditary Clear dogs are here.  The KC's cord1 Results pages are here:


Read the latest research on cord1 PRA from the AHT. 

Read about PRA testing for dogs imported to the UK.

Download our pictorial explanation of the genetics of cord1 PRA for breeders.

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