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More about Dachshund health

A-Z of health conditions

​You can download a pdf copy of our A-Z of Dachshund Health presentation here

Copies of our 1-page Disease Summaries can be viewed from this page.


The Dachshund Breed Council has produced a free to download Introductory Guide to Genetics.  The genetics of Dachshund coats and colours is explained in Helen Geeson's Breed Conference presentation. Genetics of Dapple/Piebald is also here. Recessive coat genetics is explained here.

Read the 2015 report on Dachshund Genetic Diversity here.

View our genetics presentations and videos from veterinary and breed experts, here.

How long will my Dachshund live?

That's a question we'd all like to be able to answer and, of course, the answer is "it depends"! 

The Kennel Club's 2004 Health Survey reported a median age of death of 12.7 (from 245 reported deaths). Our DachsLife 2018 showed a median age of death of 11 (from 227 dogs).  

A paper published in the Veterinary Journal in 2013 based on VetCompass data showed a median age of death of 13.5 for Miniature Dachshunds (sample of 25 dogs). 

Health Surveys

The Dachshund Breed Council has carried out several Health Surveys since 2009. DachsLife 2018 investigated cancers and tumours. In 2015, we looked at the lifestyle factors related to Back Disease (IVDD). DachsLife 2012 was a general survey of conditions affecting the breed and cause of death.

Read our survey reports here.


We have an ongoing survey to collect data and you can find those results, here.

If your Dachshund has been ill and diagnosed by a vet, or has died, please submit a report.

Research projects

The Dachshund Breed Council has either initiated, or is supporting, a wide range of research projects. 

The full list is available at the link below. You can see which projects are currently underway and which have been completed and reported.

Educational events

The Dachshund Breed Council and clubs regularly run conferences and seminars on breed and health topics.

You can find presentations and videos from our conferences and seminars here.

For details of current (and past) events please click below.

Breed Health Strategy

The Breed Council’s Health Sub-committee developed a Breed Health Plan and published this for discussion in 2013. The Health Plan follows the guidance issued by the Kennel Club in 2012 to all Breed Health Coordinators. You can download a 1-page abbreviated summary of the plan here and the full plan here (pdf files).

The Breed Council reviews its Health Plans and progress at EVERY meeting. The slideshow here summarises the principles underpinning our approach.

Annual Reports

The Breed Council's Health and Welfare Sub-committee publishes an annual Health Report.


  1. Leadership

  2. Planning

  3. Breed Health Improvement

  4. Priorities for the current year

You can find a summary of our "History of Health Improvement" here.

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