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Tips for new Dachshund owners

Puppy Day 1

Bringing your new puppy home from the breeder


How much exercise to give your puppy


Teach your puppy not to bark at people or dogs


How to stop your puppy mouthing and biting (video)

Toilet training

Our top tips for puppy house-training (1)

Body condition

Keep your puppy in good body condition and the right weight


Decide whether a collar and/or a harness is best

Toys and Teeth

What toys are safe, to avoid dental trauma?

Toilet training

How to get your puppy house-trained (2) + video

Lead training

Teaching your puppy to walk on a lead without pulling

Jumping & stairs

Be sensible about allowing your Dachshund access to stairs

Settle & quiet

Teaching your puppy to settle down quietly (video)


Should I spay or neuter my Dachshund?


Teach your puppy to be alone without separation anxiety

Diet Supplements

Is it worth adding supplements to your dog's diet?


How to teach your dog to be  happy and safe in a crate

Our Family Dog advice.png

Our Family Dog is a great resource with articles written especially for first-time dog owners.

We've added a list of additional links (below) with tips for new Dachshund owners. Every dog is different, so the advice given may or may not be appropriate for your Dachshund.

Puppy Weight Calculator – Predict Your Pup’s Growth & Size!

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