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Breed Health and Conservation Plans

2023 BHCPs

The 2023 Annual Health Report is here

There's a slide presentation summary of the 2023 BHCP at the bottom of this page or here.

Download a summary of the literature review and breed health data.

2019 Action Plan

2019: Download individual Breed Health and Conservation Plans.

 Smooth            Long              Wire             Smooth          Long               Wire

 (Std)                 (Std)               (Std)              (Mini)              (Mini)              (Mini)

2018: BHCPS

Annual Health Reports

The Breed Council publishes an Annual Health Report summarising its work in the previous year and plans for the coming year. You can find the 2009-2016 reports here.

Reports from 2017 are here.

The 2022 Report is here.

The 2023 Report is here

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