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Should I buy a dog or a bitch?

There is little difference in size or temperament between Dachshund dogs and bitches.


Bitches have the disadvantage of coming in season twice yearly and dachsies can suffer from “false pregnancies” when they come into milk and exhibit behavioural mood swings due to fluctuating hormones. Of course, having your bitch spayed will put an end to this, but spayed bitches can become fat and lethargic, and spaying changes the coat texture, making the coat much more “woolly” and softer. Early neutering also increases the risk of IVDD.

Dogs make equally good companions and tend to be less “mercenary” than bitches, who, once adult tend to be more food orientated. Dogs tend to be more fun-loving and want to play games and join in, whereas bitches can prefer a quieter life, just sitting on the chair all day. Unless you particularly want to breed puppies, a dog probably makes a better companion than a bitch. Dogs can be accused of having antisocial habits, lifting their legs everywhere and this is more likely occur if a dog has been used at stud.

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