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Grooming your Dachshund


Once a week check your dog’s eyes, ears and feet. Keep the nails short using nail clippers, or a file. When your dog has all her adult teeth (by about 6 months) start brushing the teeth weekly.

Long and Wire Dachshunds will need regular grooming (at least weekly) using a bristle brush and wide-toothed metal comb. Pay particular attention to the longer hairs on the legs (and a Wire’s beard) to ensure there are no tangles.

Wire Dachshunds have a double coat and do not moult like other dogs. There is a longer, harsh top coat with a dense undercoat. 2-3 times a year the long, dead, top coat will need to be stripped out to allow a new top coat to grow in. Do not clipper a Wire coat otherwise it will become soft and fluffy.

Check her eyes are clear and her ears are clean; check whether her nails need cutting. Walking on concrete or a hard surface will help to wear her nails down but they may need cutting occasionally. Ask your vet how to do that home.

Brush her teeth with a very soft toothbrush at least once a week, using “doggy toothpaste”.

Even the most particular home can pick up the occasional flea. Regular grooming will help keep an eye on the problem. If you do experience a problem with fleas buy treatment from your vets. If your dog carries on scratching after being treated for parasites, this may indicate an allergy; discuss any problems with your vet.

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