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Help stop puppy farming

Kennel Club research has shown that as many as one in three puppy buyers may have bought from a puppy farm, going to outlets such as pet shops, the internet and free ads, frequently used by puppy farmers.














The Kennel Club defines Puppy Farmers as volume breeders who have little regard or consideration for the basic needs and care for their breeding bitches and puppies.  The Kennel Club warns that puppy farmers will often:

  • Breed over and again from their breeding bitches, damaging their health and will often kill or abandon them when they are ‘no longer of use’

  • Separate puppies from their mothers too early

  • Ignore guidelines about the maximum frequency of litters

  • Sell puppies at ‘neutral’ locations instead of from their own homes

  • Keep the puppies in poor and unhealthy conditions

  • Keep puppies in poor conditions where they have no access to day to day sights and sounds and fail to become properly socialised

  • Fail to follow recommended breed specific health schemes

  • Transport puppies away from where they were reared in unsuitable conditions

  • Sell puppies through dealers, pet shops or other third parties whose only motive is making a quick profit

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