Behaviour and temperament

Dachshunds should be bold and outgoing.  The Breed Standard describes them as being “Faithful, versatile and good tempered”.  It also says they should be “Intelligent, lively, courageous to the point of rashness, obedient”.  They can be a bit intimidated by other breeds and larger dogs so it is important  to ensure they are well socialised right from a young age.

As a generalisation, Wires are the most extrovert and active, Standard Longs are the most laid-back, and Standard Smooths are perhaps more “one person” or “one family” dogs.  All the Miniatures make ideal pets for someone who is less active and who wants a small but affectionate companion.

Read the Dachs-Life 2012 Survey report on Dachshund temperament and behaviour or the summary, here.

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Do they bark much?

In general, they are a noisy breed, but some “lines” are more noisy than others. They can become persistent barkers, so you do have to work hard with them as puppies to ensure they know when to be quiet. Read our tips.

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