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What paperwork should I expect?

If the puppy is KC Registered, registration papers should be available when you collect and pay for the puppy. It is the responsibility of the breeder to register the puppies with the KC and they must then give you the certificate for transfer of ownership. Ensure you transfer the puppy's registration into your name with the KC.

All puppies should be provided with free health insurance to cover the first few weeks with their new owner. Puppies must not (by law) be sold to new homes under the age of 8 weeks.

The breeder should give you a diet sheet and a few days’ supply of the puppy's current food.


You should also be given:

  • A Contract of Sale or receipt (the Kennel Club has published an example of a Puppy Sales Contract here).

  • Written advice on feeding, training, socialisation, exercise and worming.

  • Written advice on vaccination – if any have been given already, or when they are due.

  • A Pedigree Certificate which shows your puppy’s parents’ names and those of their ancestors.

  • Details of the puppy's microchip registration (a legal requirement) and how to transfer this into your name in case your puppy goes missing.


The breeder may also either show you, or give you, copies of any relevant health screening/testing certificates for the puppy, or its parents.


If you are given a Pet Passport with your puppy, this means it has been imported to the UK (possibly illegally). Beware of puppy farmers.

Reputable breeders will not be prepared to sell puppies without meeting prospective buyers and will be unlikely to sell to people who are out at work all day, leaving the dog unattended.

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