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Teach your puppy to be left alone without separation anxiety

How to get your dachshund to let you out of its sight. To help with separation anxiety you need to do the same as with a child’s sleep therapy.

Give pup something to do such as a chew-toy Kong with a smear of some food in etc. and then calmly walk out of the room for a minute or two. Then come back in but ignore the dog. Do it again half an hour later. Don’t make a big thing about going or coming.

Keep everything calm but always give pup something to do when you go. Gradually increase the time you are gone BUT ONLY coming into the room when pup is quiet. Never while crying. It is important to extend the time gradually and don’t make a fuss when you first come back in; only after you have sat down quietly yourself. Always pet the dog calmly, not with a squeaky voice to increase excitement and anxiety.

If you do this over a couple of weeks, you can extend to a couple of hours with a puppy, then longer when older. But you must always be calm and give a highly interesting thing to do when you leave so your going means something good.


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