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Annual Breed Health Report for 2022

We have published our Annual Health Report for 2022.

This is the final Annual Health Report under the chairmanship of Roger Sainsbury BVM&S MRCVS as he will be retiring from this role in May 2023. We would like to acknowledge Roger’s contribution over many years and express our gratitude for the time he has devoted to supporting the health and welfare of the breed. Roger will remain as a trustee of Dachshund Health UK.

We were sorry to lose Gill Key from the Breed Council’s Health Committee during 2022. She has been a tireless champion for Lafora screening and extremely active in our social media channels, providing support and advice to buyers and owners. Gill remains as a trustee of Dachshund Health UK.

Our Breed Health and Conservation Plan describes the evidence-base for our priorities in addressing the breed’s improvement challenges. This report does not reiterate the information in the BHCP (which is available at This report for 2022 focuses on the work we have done and what has been achieved.

DBC Health Report 2022
Download PDF • 961KB


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