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The Great British Ex-Breeding Dog Survey 2017

Following the success of The Great British Puppy Survey in 2016 and the significant data gathered about the puppy buying habits of the UK public, welfare groups C.A.R.I.A.D., PupAid, The Karlton Index and Canine Action UK have officially launched The Great British Ex-Breeding Dog Survey at PupAid 2017.

The survey can be found here Great British Ex-Breeding Dog Survey.

This is the first survey of its kind that looks at the experiences of people who have adopted or fostered dogs when their breeding lives are over, regardless of which type of breeder or breeding establishment they have come from.

The survey will gather information about the physical and psychological health and welfare of the UK’s rescued or retired breeding dogs over the last 7 years and as with the Great British Puppy Survey, the results will be shared in a Report later in the year, with the wider canine welfare community.

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