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Updated - IVDD clinical grading and prognosis scale

We are grateful to Dr Marianne Dorn who has produced an updated summary of the IVDD clinical grading and prognosis scale for us. This is based on a review of the published papers. The "simple" version is here (on our IVDD website) and there is a link to a more detailed page where all the reference material can be found. You can download the Grading Scale as a PDF file or image file. Please share this with your vet if he/she is not familiar with Dachshunds and IVDD.

Marianne is keen to point out this is a clinical grading scale and should not be confused with a pain response scale. The IVDD grading scale also takes gait, weakness, ataxia and nociception (ability to feel a noxious painful stimulus) into consideration.

Marianne is a veterinary surgeon who specialises in rehabilitation (the Rehab Vet).

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