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1 in 12 Mini Wire Dachshund breeders is playing Russian Roulette with Lafora Disease

We are grateful to Mandy Dance, Chair of the Wirehaired Dachshund Club, for analysing the latest KC Breed Records Supplement data on Mini Wire litters.

Her analysis shows that 1 in 12 litters bred during 2017 was at risk of including puppies affected by Lafora Disease. Given that there is a DNA test, there is simply no excuse for this.

The Breed Council's advice to buyers is "walk away from any litter where the breeder cannot prove that at least one of the parents is Clear of the Lafora mutation".

For Breed Club members, our Code of Ethics says they:

  1. Will use all Health Scheme tests currently required or recommended for the KC Assured Breeder Scheme on all breeding stock.

  2. Will make responsible decisions in the light of Health Scheme test results to avoid producing clinically affected puppies and will follow any breeding advice issued under each scheme prior to breeding.

  3. Will not allow any of my dogs to be used irresponsibly at stud… (a) any bitch must have had KC required or recommended health tests (or be hereditary clear) and therefore any puppies produced will NOT be affected.

The trend graph of "safe" and "unsafe" litters since 2012 is shown below.

The next Lafora Screening session takes place on March 28th in Litchfield. Contact Sue Holt to book a place.

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