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The KC will now recognise Laboklin and Genomia Lafora DNA tests

We have been informed by Dr Tom Lewis from the KC that they will now accept Lafora DNA test results from Laboklin and Genomia.

The KC has had an opportunity to request and examine details of the development of Laboklin’s test. The information provided, along with the concordant results of ‘blind’ testing provided by the Wirehaired Dachshund Club, means they are confident that Laboklin is able to accurately determine the three genotypes; ‘clear’, ‘carrier’ and ‘affected’. Therefore, after consideration and consultation with Dr Cathryn Mellersh at the AHT, the Kennel Club is happy to begin accepting, recording and publishing on the Health Test Results Finder the results of DNA tests for Lafora’s from Laboklin.

The test is also available from Genomia in the Czech Republic and this lab may be more convenient for Mini Wire owners outside the UK.

Next Lafora Screening Session - only £90 per dog

The next WHDC Lafora Testing Session for Mini Wire Dachshunds will be held on Wednesday 3rd October at the usual venue of Pool House Veterinary Centre Fosseway Lane, Lichfield WS13 8JY.

Please ask for an application form via email to and book a place. Arrival between 10am and 1pm on the day. No appointments, first come first served.

The Wire Haired Dachshund Club has kindly increased its subsidy for this session only (and funds are running low so who knows whether there will be any left for future sessions?) Cost this time will be £90 per dog.

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