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Mini Wire Dachshund Lafora Screening Trend - Summer 2018

Our thanks to Mandy Dance, Chair of the Wirehaired Dachshund Club, for collating the latest KC Breed Records Supplement data on Registrations and Lafora Screening.

In the Summer 2018 Quarter there were:

  • 47 litters and 184 puppies in total

  • 22 litters and 81 puppies totally clear

  • 12 litters and 46 puppies from one clear and one untested dam

  • 9 litters and 38 puppies from clear sire and carrier dam

  • 4 litters and 19 puppies from both parents untested - these puppies are at risk of Lafora

The trend is shown in the chart below and it appears we have plateaued at around 90% of litters consistently being safe. There is NO EXCUSE for breeding Mini Wires at risk of Lafora when a DNA test has been available for over 5 years.

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