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Mini Wire Dachshund Lafora registration statistics - Autumn 2018

We are grateful to Mandy Dance for providing an analysis of the latest Mini Wire Lafora Registration statistics (from the Autumn 2018 Breed Records Supplement).

68 litters registered producing 250 puppies in the Autumn Quarter. 5 litters producing 17 puppies are unsafe for Lafora. Either both parents are untested or, in two cases, a carrier bitch has been put to an untested dog.

The overall trend is shown in the chart below.

40 litters producing 150 puppies are clear from Lafora and PRA. 22 litters producing 82 pups are “safe” but not necessarily clear as one parent is clear whilst the other is either not tested or a carrier. The trend is not to test bitches, it seems, although two untested males were used on clear bitches.

Find out more about Lafora Disease and cord1 PRA.

To find out about Lafora Screening, please contact Mandy Dance.

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