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What's the problem with a "Queen Anne front" in a Dachshund?

There has been lots of discussion on Social Media about Dachshund front feet and 'Queen Anne Legs' and whether or not they are 'normal'.

The Dachshunds in the pictures below have correct fronts (they also have good ground clearance).

It's all a matter of degree - literally. The Dachshund Breed Standard says that front legs should either face forwards or be only very slightly turned out - and for very good health reasons.

This is NOT just for looks - it’s to ensure the dog is ‘fit for purpose’ as it grows up it is not likely be in pain or have restricted movement later in life, so it's just as important for pet buyers as those who want to show.

It happens because one bone grows faster than the other, twisting the leg and making the legs bow and the foot turn out. It is relatively common in Dachshunds because they are a dwarf breed that tends to have deformed legs (just as many humans who have dwarfism do). If the 'Queen Anne leg' angle is particularly pronounced, then it can cause severe pain and may even eventually need an operation. That's why responsible and knowledgeable breeders will not breed from a dog with very noticeably turned out feet - however cute and appealing (so yet another thing to look out for in the mum, and dad if he's there when going to view a puppy!).

It's also one of the reasons why the Dachshund Breed Council recommends only walking 5 minutes per month of life as over-exercise can cause all sorts of issues with growth plates.

Fans of the Supervet on TV will have seen dogs that are in severe pain when walking because of this ‘angular limb deformity’ and have had surgery to correct it. See article from his website:

See also our page about Pes Varus.

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