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Mini Wire Dachshund Lafora Screening status - Winter 2018

We are grateful to Mandy Dance, Chair of the Wirehaired Dachshund Club (WHDC), for analysing the Lafora Test results published in the Winter 2018 KC Breed Records Supplement.

55 of the 58 litters (95%) were "safe", with puppies born with no risk of Lafora because of the test status of their parents. Overall, in 2018, 6% of litters were unsafe and at risk of containing Affected puppies.

The WHDC continues efforts to locate the breeders producing unsafe litters and writes to them with advice on the importance of screening.

The following statement has been issued by the Wire Club:

Unfortunately, the Lafora testing facility in Canada is now no longer available due to staff changes. Therefore, the club recommends breeders to use the Laboklin testing laboratory. However, it is strongly recommended that every third generation is retested in order to highlight any carriers that may have been overlooked. As a club, we hope the conscientious will adhere to this recommendation.

Find out more about Lafora Disease.

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