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Analysis of breed Caesarean Sections

I am grateful to Cassie Smith for allowing me to reproduce her recent analysis of the rates of caesarean sections in pedigree dogs, as published in the Breed Records Supplements.

The chart shows reported C-Section rates for KC registered litters in the first half of 2019, for breeds with 30 or more litters registered in that time (number of litters for each breed in brackets).

Mini Wires are 4th in the list and Wires are 15th. Smooths are 19th. However, if you ignore the separation of Bulldogs and French Bulldogs into Breed Standard and Non-Breed Standard Colours, this puts the Mini Wires at No. 3, Wires at 13 and Smooths at 17th.

We did an analysis of the CS rates in the 6 varieties over the period 2012-2017:

We don't have the separate analysis of elective vs. emergency C-sections.

As a breed, they can be very slow to whelp and it may be that some owners go to the vet early, as a precautionary measure.

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