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Breeders. Would you like to join a new IVDD reduction study?

Calling all Dachshund breeders! Embark on a journey with the Dachshund IVDD Reduction Initiative (DIRI) and help transform dachshund lives worldwide!

DIRI is actively seeking breeders in the UK, Australia, USA, and Canada to join a ground-breaking, long-term study investigating the impact of diet on IVDD (intervertebral disc disease).

Early results from a select group of dachshunds who underwent a therapeutic intervention are incredibly promising. This gives us reason to believe that DIRI is on the right path to create a meaningful difference within the dachshund community.

Ready to be a part of this game-changing initiative? Fill out this short survey to see if you're eligible to participate in the trial:

To learn more about the study, click the link above. For survey-related enquiries, kindly email us at: .


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