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Dachshund Health UK is sponsoring this year's DBRG Symposium on skin problems in dogs

Our 2018 health survey identified skin diseases as the second most prevalent health issue affecting Dachshunds. As a result, we focused our 2021 health survey on skin conditions and have reported the findings that dilute coloured Dachshunds are significantly more at risk of problems such as Colour Dilution Alopecia.

This year, the Dog Breeding Reform Group's Health Symposium focuses on Tackling Hereditary and Breed-related Skin Problems in Dogs and we are pleased to be Bronze Sponsors. The event takes place at Surrey Vet School on 6th November 2022.

DHUK will be represented by Trustees Gill Key and Sharon Alton, plus our genetics advisor, Helen Kerfoot. They will be sharing our information leaflets and infographics with the vets and other participants at the symposium. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to get our messages across about avoiding dilute colour breeding.


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