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Dachshund insurance claims for veterinary treatment in 2021

We are grateful to Agria Pet Insurance for sharing their 2021 claims data for Dachshunds with us. This gives us a useful insight into reasons why insured dogs are being treated by vets.

Unsurprisingly, IVDD and spinal conditions were the most frequent sources of claims (6% of Dachshund policies). As in our 2018 breed health survey, Skin conditions came out as the 2nd highest source of claims (4%). These skin conditions included allergies, atopy and pruritis. Gastrointestinal issues including diarrhoea and vomiting was the 3rd highest claim.

It’s also worth pointing out that 94% of insured Dachshunds did not make a claim for IVDD in 2021.

The average claim cost for IVDD issues was just under £2000 which is, perhaps, a surprisingly low figure when we hear so much about Dachshunds needing MRI scans and spinal surgery. This low figure might actually suggest that the majority of cases are treated conservatively.

The average claim cost for treating skin conditions was £265 which probably suggests that most cases are treated by first opinion vets using topical treatments, rather than referrals to dermatology specialists.

We all know that Dachshunds are total hoovers when it comes to eating and that they will eat pretty much anything (however disgusting) when they are out on their walks. It’s not surprising, therefore, that gastrointestinal issues are 3rd most common. The average claim for these was £695; clearly an expensive problem to treat!

2 other conditions were expensive to treat, dental disease (£560/claim) and pancreatitis (£570/claim).

We strongly recommend that you either take out an insurance policy before your dog needs any treatment or ensure you have adequate funds available to pay for treatment if the worst happens. Agria’s policies provide lifelong vet’s fees cover for illnesses and injuries!

You can find more advice on insurance on our IVDD website, here.


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