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Hairless Dachshund puppies - a new unhealthy development

We have become aware of a litter of hairless Dachshund puppies that have been shown on social media. The hairless gene does not exist naturally in the genetics of the Dachshund breed. Hairless puppies must be the result of a planned outcross, for example to a Chinese Crested.

Some Dachshunds already have a risk of developing skin conditions such as allergies. This was the 2nd most common condition reported in our 2018 breed survey. We investigated skin conditions in our 2021 survey and found an elevated risk of Colour Dilution Alopecia in dilute-coloured Dachshunds (Blue and Isabella).

The hairless gene is also associated with dental problems, so this deliberate breeding of hairless Dachshunds brings added risks. There may also be an increased risk of skin cancers. Breeding these puppies poses a clear health and welfare issue.

Dachshund Health UK strongly condemns the breeding of hairless Dachshunds and we ask all our supporters not to encourage anyone to breed or buy these dogs. Please read the UK Breed Standard to understand what is and is not acceptable. Please also do not support the breeding of dilute-coloured Dachshunds.

N.B. The image in this blog post has been generated by AI. We do not feel it is appropriate or helpful to re-post the images seen on social media.


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