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IVDD Survey Results 2022-23

Thank you for taking part in our Dachshund IVDD surveys (at the end of 2022 and start of 2023). We received 1869 responses across both surveys, allowing a strong comparison between dachshunds with IVDD and dachshunds over 8 years old without IVDD.

The aim of both surveys was to do a comprehensive analysis of various lifestyle factors which affect both groups and to compare the results between them.

The survey also went on to look at each dog’s IVDD journey, surgical or conservative, and to examine recovery rates and timeframes and approaches taken to aid recovery. It is important to emphasise the results do not necessarily prove causation, but they may indicate an area needing further consideration and research.

Both surveys were designed and analysed by Sharon Alton (Trustee of DHUK). We are grateful to the Kennel Club who helped distribute the surveys to Dachshund owners.

A summary of the results is in the presentation below (or use this link). You may need to select "Enter Full Screen" to see the presentation correctly. Click the 3 dots (bottom left) and choose "Enter Full Screen".

The main sections in the report are:

  • Demographics of respondents

  • IVDD treatment and recovery

  • Lifestyle factors

  • Behaviour and temperament


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