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Kennel Club survey of spinal problems in dogs

The Kennel Club has launched a new online health survey which aims to improve understanding of prevalence and types of spinal (neck, back or tail) problems affecting different pedigree dog breeds.

The survey has been developed to gain insights and identify any breed-specific nuances that may influence the development of spinal problems. The results will inform and direct future research to areas that require further attention.

Open to all dog owners regardless of breed, the survey welcomes participation from current owners and those who have had a dog/s that have sadly passed away. Please complete the survey for all dogs owned, either now or in the past, even if they have never been affected by spinal problems.

The survey will be managed by The Kennel Club and all personal information provided will be kept confidential and presented anonymously. To complete the survey, please visit The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.


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