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Lafora DNA testing trend - updated for Spring 2022

Thanks, once again, to Mandy Dance for updating the Lafora DNA screening trend data from the latest Kennel Club Breed Records Supplement (Spring 2022).

Mandy reports: "Interestingly, there are a large number of imports this time and almost none of them have been tested. Luckily apart from those mentioned, the untested have been mated to clears.

56 litters producing 227 puppies.

53 litters producing 211 puppies are safe ( though not necessarily clear) matings.

3 litters producing 16 puppies are at risk of Lafora and PRA as neither parent has been tested for either disease.

The Wirehaired Dachshund Club asks the KC Health Department to write to anyone breeding an "unsafe" litter with advice on the available Lafora DNA test.


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