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Thank you to "Sausage Dog Days"

Today, we received a donation of £150 towards our IVDD projects from Candy Jones, author of Sausage Dog Days. On her Facebook page, Candy wrote:

I would like to say a huge thank you to all of you lovely people for supporting Sausage Dog Days, by buying copies of the book and sharing my posts!

Today, I am delighted to donate the remaining profits - £300 - from sales of the book! This sum will be split between Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD and The Dachshund Breed Council UK. Today's donation brings the total amount of money raised by Sausage Dog Days to £2,203, shared between our two chosen charities. It is such an incredible total and I am so grateful to you all for your support!

It's still possible to get your paws on a copy of Sausage Dog Days; you can message me on Sausage Dog Days or visit Selina Knox's wonderful online store (thanks Selina for your help!):

Many thanks,


Candy's Dachshund, Bonnie, has had 2 episodes of IVDD and she wanted to raise awareness of the condition and support the charities that helped them. Sausage Dog Days is about two dachshunds; Herby, an IVDD survivor on wheels, and his friend Weenie, going for a walk in the woods and chasing squirrels. The book was published after a successful Crowdfunder campaign in 2018.


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