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What Are Some Good Dog Toys For a Dachshund? - Guest Blog Post

Dachshunds are unquestionably one of the most distinctive-looking dog breeds. With their elongated body and short legs, they’re much loved the world over. Originally bred to hunt badgers - their name literally meaning ‘Badger Hound’ in German - today’s Dachshunds often lead more sedate lives, living as family pets rather than the active killers they were once bred to be.

With lots of energy and a cheeky personality, these dogs need to be regularly entertained, but what toys are best for them? First, though, it’s worth looking at the breed’s characteristics in a bit more depth, to get a better understanding of what makes these little ‘sausage dogs’ tick.

What Are a Dachshund’s Characteristics and Personality Traits?

Given that they were bred to actively hunt, it’s unsurprising that Dachshunds are lively, active and engaged dogs that require a fair amount of exercise and stimulation, despite their relatively diminutive stature. Their little legs mean they mightn’t want the biggest of walks, but even so they love to play, and they’re a highly intelligent breed.

This intelligence is broadly a positive thing! It makes for a highly interactive and engaged dog. It can also mean, however, that if that intellect isn’t regularly stimulated, then boredom ensues. And when a dog becomes bored, it often becomes destructive. These traits and characteristics, therefore, inform the kind of toys best suited for a Dachshund.

How Do I Keep My Dachshund Entertained?

Unlike some dogs, for whom a simple game of fetch with a stick will suffice, Dachshunds typically prefer to play with toys that offer a bit more mental stimulation. That’s not to say that your Dachshund won’t like playing fetch with a ball or stick, but this should be used in conjunction with other, more stimulating games and toys.

If you are going to stick to simple chew toys rather than treat mazes/puzzles (which is understandable, given they’re often cheaper) then try and make sure to go for one with a squeaker inside, so as to provide an extra stimulus. Dachshunds can be pretty big chewers, so opt for a tougher toy if you can, otherwise you’ll find it won’t end up lasting long.

What is the Best Toy For a Dachshund?

The best toy for a Dachshund is any that can: offer ample mental stimulation, withstand large amounts of wear and tear, and that retains its appeal to your Dachshund; just because your dog loves its new toy on the first day, after all, doesn’t mean it still will weeks, or months, down the line. What does such a toy look like, though?

‘The Bob-a-Lot’

The Bob-a-Lot, we’d argue, is one of the best toys for any dog breeds, and not just Dachshunds! This self-righting toy features two chambers in which to place treats or kibble, with openings that can be adjusted to be made as easy or difficult as you like. Providing your Dachshund with potentially hours of entertainment, this deceptively simple toy is also highly effective for when you leave your Dachshund unattended at time - whilst you’re at work, for instance.

Snuffle Mats

These toys have the added benefits of being easy to make at home, as well as being readily available at pet stores, and online. Encouraging a Dachshund’s natural inclination to nose around and forage, these mats feature strips of material (often fleece, felt or something similar) in which treats can be hidden, and that your dog has to ‘snuffle’ around to get to. This article from Dog’s Trust offers a great explainer video on how to easily make your own snuffle mat at home for your Dachshund.

Tough Plush Toy

Toys such as Beco’s very own Recycled Rough & Tough Narwhal are not only designed to be almost-indestructible (even to the most voracious of chewers) but they’re also made from recycled materials, too. That means that, as your Dachshund is entertaining himself/herself with the toy, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’ve done your bit for the planet, too.

Final Thoughts…

Dachshunds are wonderful little dogs; loyal, bright and often comedic, these dogs are suited to all kinds of families, and will make a positive impact wherever they go. It’s important you give your Dachshund plenty of exercise and stimulation, however, and toys often provide the easiest way of doing so.

Not all toys are created equal when it comes to Dachshunds, however, your best bet is to go for something that can take a bit of rough and tumble, and also offers stimulation. Beco's colourful and sustainable dog toys are designed with a variety of textures that will make them interesting enough for even the most bored dogs.

A short introduction from Beco

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