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DNA Test for CRD (NPHP4) - Norwegian Day Blindness

In 2011, research testing was carried out with Standard and Miniature Wires with regard to the Norwegian Day Blindness (PRA) problem. As the mutation levels were found to be very low in the UK, we advised that just dogs imported from Scandinavia should be tested, as it is more prevalent there. [Read the report, here]

This test is currently on a 1 - 2 week turn around at the AHT, as are the majority of their DNA tests. As this particular test has a low up-take, we have agreed that the turn-around be extended to 2 - 3 weeks, thus enabling the AHT to continue to be able to offer testing at an affordable price to owners and breeders.

We advise that Standard and Miniature Wire imports from Scandinavia should undertake this test.

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