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Would you recognise Pes Varus in Dachshunds?

Pes varus is a Latin term that combines pes (foot) and varus (inward). It is a bone deformity where the distal tibia is turned inward toward the body. It occurs when the shinbone growth plate closes prematurely, causing asymmetrical growth of the tibia. It results in a bow-legged appearance and lameness. It is also known as Angular Limb Deformity.

In our 2015 UK Breed Health Survey, we had one case of PV reported from a sample of 2000 dogs. The condition is reported to have a prevalence of less than 1% in Dachshunds but is probably under-reported as it may simply be mistaken for "poor hind movement". It has been reported in all three coat varieties and both Standard and Miniature Dachshunds but UK cases have mostly been in Miniatures.

We have created a Pes Varus page on our health website where you can see a YouTube clip of a Dachshund with PV and find out more about the condition.

If anyone has pictures or videos of a Dachshund with Pes Varus that they can share with us and give us permission to use, we would be grateful. Please email us. (Image above is courtesy of Georgia Wallin)

If your Dachshund has been diagnosed with Pes Varus, please complete a Health Report.

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