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Mini Wire Dachshund Lafora Test Result trends - Autumn 2017

The Autumn KC Breed Records Supplement contains the latest Lafora DNA Screening results for Mini Wires. We are grateful to Mandy Dance for analysing the litter records to identify those which are "safe" and "unsafe".

This Quarter, 88% of litters were safe, with no risk of Lafora-affected puppies. In total 51 litters produced 180 puppies. 28 litters producing 102 puppies were all clear; there were 6 litters producing 16 puppies where neither parent was tested.

There is absolutely no excuse for anyone to be breeding litters at risk of including Lafora-affected puppies. The Wirehaired Dachshund Club advertises screening sessions and you can book a place by contacting Sue Holt.

The chart below shows the safe combinations when breeding Mini Wires.

Read more about Recommended Health Screening for Dachshunds.

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