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November 2017 Dachshund Eye Screening Summary

The Dachshund Club kindly hosted a KC/BVA/ISDS Eye Screening session at their show in November.

Ophthalmologist Lorna Newman sent us a summary report.

A total of 17 Dachshunds were examined and the only cause for concern was among the Miniature Longhaired dogs, where Distichaisis was found in 85% of the dogs examined. Most of these dogs had multiple distichia. There was no sign of hereditary type retinal atrophy in any dog.

Lorna's report confirms our concerns about Distichiasis in Mini Longs and also demonstrates the effectiveness of DNA screening that has been done to reduce the risk of PRA.

The Breed Council's Health Committee recommends breeders should use clinical eye screening as well as DNA testing to help avoid eye disease.

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