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Scottish Dachshund breeders lead the way with IVDD Screening

28% of the UK dogs screened for IVDD live in Scotland. We now have results for 50 dogs screened and it's clear that the Scots are leading the way! There are relatively few breeders in Scotland compared with in England.

We've had results for 1 Long, 8 Mini Longs, 22 Mini Smooths, 9 Mini Wires, 4 Smooths and 6 Wires.

4 Dachshunds were graded 0 (no calcifications), 9 at grade 1 (1-2 calc.), 17 at grade 2 (3-4 calc.) and 20 with 5 or more calcifications.

Read more about what the scores/grades mean, here.

It's early days and we have too few results to be drawing many conclusions so the Breed Council will continue to offer subsidised screening to encourage wider take-up of the scheme.

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