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KC/BVA Eye Screening Results for Dachshunds - November 2019

The Dachshund Club hosted a clinical eye screening session at their Championship Show on 16th November at the KC Building, Stoneleigh. Prof. Peter Bedford was the panel eye specialist who carried out the screening. Our charity, Dachshund Health UK, offered subsidies to Dachshund owners so the cost of this test was just £20. Examination under the Eye Scheme is not restricted to the identification of inherited eye disease, but also includes general assessment of the health of the eye and adnexa (eyelids, tear ducts and other parts around the eye ball). Peter Bedford reported: I examined the eyes of 30 minis and 4 standard dachs. All the dogs were clear for retinal disease and apart from 3 minis with distichiasis (of no clinical significance) no other ocular or adnexal problems were found. With PRA in the history of the MLH, awareness of this blinding disease is essential and the regular checking of the breeding stock is advisable. Recessively inherited disease can skip generations but DNA testing can detect carrier stock and awareness of emerging potentially inherited ocular disease should prompt regular eye checks. Read more about eye disease in Dachshunds. The Breed Council recommends breeders should carry out clinical eye testing (KC/BVA/ISDS) to check for conditions in addition to cord1 PRA. Read more here about why this is important.

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