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Can you help with 2 new surveys into back disease in Dachshunds (IVDD)?

New surveys available for Dachshund IVDD

The surveys have been split into two, one for dogs who have had treatment following an IVDD episode, and the other for those who haven't had IVDD.

IVDD affected dogs

This first survey reviews the long-term recovery of IVDD in Dachshunds following conservative or surgical treatment over 1-year post-episode. If sadly, your Dachshund has since passed during this process, our researchers would still be interested in hearing about your dog's case, as this could help with further research or education regarding IVDD. Take the survey here:

Unaffected dogs

The second survey has been produced for dogs who have not been affected by IVDD, and are over the age of eight. This survey will be analysed in tandem with the above survey, to determine whether there are any significant differences between the two groups. Take the survey here:


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