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Devoted To Dachshunds Charity Donations - thank you!

What fantastic news to start the New Year. Selina Knox runs Devoted to Dachshunds and, each year, sells Christmas Cards and other gifts in aid of 2 charities: Dachshund Health UK and Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD.

This Christmas she has sold:

  • 262 packs of Christmas cards

  • 14 tea towels

  • 75 tins of travel sweets

  • 54 more packs of Match A Dax card game

On behalf of Dachshund Health UK, a HUGE THANK YOU to Selina for donating around £1100 to us. Thanks also to everyone who bought these gifts and products. You're all helping to make a difference for our breed.

Please visit Devoted to Dachshunds and check out the fabulous range of gifts...


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