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Future of Animal Health Trust canine genetics research and DNA testing

This afternoon, we have received an email from Dr Cathryn Mellersh, head of the AHT's canine genetics research centre. This is shared with her permission.

Lots of members of the Dachshund world have so much to thank her and her team for. They have worked on projects for eye disease, lafora disease, and IVDD for us. We wish Cathryn and her team every success in the future.

The future of canine genetics research and DNA testing service following closure of Animal Health Trust on July 31st, 2020

I would like to extend my sincere and heartfelt thanks to everybody who has contacted me and my colleagues to express their sadness at the imminent closure of the Animal Health Trust on July 31st.  I have worked at the AHT for 19 years, as have many of my team, and we are truly devastated by its closure.

During that time we have worked with so many of you that have an interest in the health and wellbeing of dogs and I believe it is fair to say that together we have done our bit to improve the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of dogs who might otherwise have been born with an inherited disease. 

Many of you have been in touch to ask about what will happen to the samples and data that the AHT has collected over the several decades, as well as whether the research and/or the DNA testing service will continue.

My AHT email address will cease to function after the end of July so I have set up an alternative email account until I am established elsewhere;

Please feel free to use this email address for all your enquires.

Once again, it has been a pleasure working with you and for your dogs over the years.  We could not have achieved what we have achieved without you.

With best wishes



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