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Join the IVDE Chondroitinase Trial: Affordable Treatment for Paralysed Dogs

Professor Paul Freeman's research team at Cambridge Vet School is conducting a research trial to offer a new, cost-effective treatment option for dogs paralysed by disc herniation (IVDE). This procedure, using chondroitinase ABC, has shown promise in previous studies. They are seeking chondrodystrophic dogs weighing under 15kg, paralysed within the past two days, and whose owners can't afford surgery. The treatment is less invasive than surgery and has been used successfully in dogs and humans. Dogs will receive the procedure, recover with standard care, and undergo follow-up. This trial aims to provide a lower-cost alternative and potentially reduce recurrence rates. Owners pay £400. Contact Professor Freeman to learn more and join the trial.

A CT Scan of a dog's spine

You can download a full description of the trial and proposed procedure, here...

Chase trial information_website
Download PDF • 162KB

Dachshund Health UK will be supporting another new research project at Cambridge, starting in the Autumn of 2023. We have committed to make a grant over 3 years. If you would like to donate towards this research, you can do so here.

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