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Mini Wire Lafora Screening trends updated - Summer 2022

Here are the findings from the latest Breed Record Supplement with respect to Lafora testing.

Total 53 litters producing 207 puppies, of which 3 litters producing 15 puppies from totally untested parents.

Lafora Disease is an inherited form of epilepsy that affects Miniature Wirehaired Dachshunds. A dog must inherit two of the mutated genes, one from each parent to be classified “Affected”. A dog that has only one mutated Lafora gene is a “Carrier”. It will not become clinically affected by the disease but, if bred to another “Carrier” or “Affected” dog, some of the puppies born will be likely to receive the two mutated genes and thus be clinically affected. If a dog carries no mutated genes it is “Clear”.

Because the disease is “late onset”, the only way to avoid breeding “Affected” Mini Wires is to use the full DNA test to screen all breeding stock, prior to mating.

Our thanks to Mandy Dance for doing the analysis, once again.

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