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Review of long-term recovery from IVDD in Dachshunds - new breed survey

This survey reviews the long-term recovery of IVDD in dachshunds following conservative or surgical treatment over 1 year post-episode. If, sadly, your dachshund was euthanised during this process please also fill out the details as this will help with further research or education regarding IVDD.

Data from this study will be used in a Research Project by Sharon Alton at Birmingham University; data will also be shared with Dachshund Health UK (registered charity). All responses are anonymous.

The survey should take less than 20 minutes to complete; your time is greatly appreciated. Requirements: Dachshunds should have had the first episode of IVDD between 2016-2021.This survey is primarily asking for owners of dachshunds who have had an IVDD episode to document specifics about their recovery over a longer time-frame. Data and results will be shared with Dachshund Health UK to aid their research into IVDD.

This survey is designed to build on the findings and insights of DachsLife 2015 which investigated lifestyle factors that were associated with IVDD. 2 peer-reviewed papers were published from DachsLife 2015:

For more information on IVDD in Dachshunds, including our X-ray screening programme, please visit


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